I definitely picked well...

With my Meta reservation!

I often worry about reserving things from there through mere sketches, but it looks sooo cute! I also love the red x navy combination, it's unusual ^_^ I'm SO looking forward to coordinating this ;)
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Right, right, right

I've been thinking, thinking LOTS.

I'm going work really hard at home on my hairdressing... then after Christmas I may move salons. I do love hair, and when I'm good at hair, I'll love it even more.

AND if I went to Toni & Guy say I could work my way up and I could be transferred abroad if I wanted to. Yes let's do that Sasha! Stop being miserable please...

I think I should also create a hair journal soon so you can all give me critique, what do you think?

Hair that I like:

(ONE DAY I will be able to create this!)


Yesterday night was really good!

Me and Sarah saw Lo-fi-fnk at the Rainbow and yeah it was much fun! The supporting at was AWFUL but they weren't on for long so it wasn't too bad ^_^ they also had an electro DJ on who played some really good stuff so we danced about like twats most of the night. We also stole this really cool 'clapper' thing, it's shaped like a hand and makes a clapping noise when you shake it, it's been christened 'Clark' after this hot guy we were perving on who looked like Superman!

We did take photos but they are awful and we looked evil/demented/bedraggled in most of them, we didn't even get decent ones of the band. I did try and takes some but I ended up with just pictures of hair 0_o

This is the only picture of us I think is acceptable for public viewing lol! Unless you wanted see some really random pictures of me, Sarah and clark... they aren't pretty though!

La la la

So I'm at home tonight! It is going to be pretty boring but I've got lots hairdressing coursework *boooo*

I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment though ^_^ I'm seeing Lo-fi-fnk on Tuesday at The Rainbow which should be really ace! If you don't know them they're a Sweedish electropop band that make infectiously happy music, the kind of music you need to cope with the insanely miserable weather!

Here is the video for "Wake-up", not the most interesting but I love dancing to this song when I'm out... and when I'm in the car and when I'm at work and when I'm exercising and whenever really lolol XD

I'm also doing Sarah's hair on Tuesday like Carah Faye out of Shiny Toy Guns:

I'm excited as I rarely get to do any funky colours! I want more alternative models!

My only compliant is I don't get my new phone back until Tuesday and I'm seriously poverty stricken (therefore Tuesday will not be a boozy affair!)
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What an ordeal...

Yesterday was an absolute disaster!

The rain was so heavy that I was unable to get home. I left work early as a precaution, got to the train station to find that all of the trains had been canceled, I then waited an hour and half for a coach that didn't intend to arrive ^_^;; I ended up staying with Carla from work and then waiting 2 hours for a train this morning. I hate this weather!

Luckily I'm actually home now, I've done some shopping and I can relax a little ^_^

I was meant to be having photo's taken today but the weather is just too horrific. On my way home I was shocked as most of the countryside is flooded, I saw ducks swimming on a football pitch lol.

In better news I have lots a beautiful new clothes, Ben & Sarah are coming down tomorrow and Shiny Toy Guns are playing on Monday :D

BTW my phone is broken, officially! It hasn't been working well for about a Month now and I've just made do, but now it refuses to even charge ;__; I have a new phone waiting but I need to get it unlocked so I should be phone-ready again by next week.

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